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About Us


In 1991, a group of professionals, from the corporate and financial sectors felt the urge to get together and assist Industrial and Business Enterprises to build value, manage risks and improve performance by leveraging upon their expertise gathered over the years.   Accordingly they established this company in 1991. Within a short time the company’s operations spoke of a blend of enterprise and growth, which characterize its philosophy of management on a group and team concept.

Over the years it has been successful in synerging the appropriate combination of technical and non-technical human resources for rendering dedicated and effective services to its varied and growing clientele.

Objective & Philosophy

Inkwest provide an array of key and integrated services from business advice to development planning encompassing engineering design, project management, with synergy built on the best talent and expertise with the object for the use of their collective resources and strength for execution of professional services of one or more types at one/or multi locational point.


The Management Consulting Services (MCS) caters the company’s services to specific market segments to deliver tailor made products to meet specific needs of our clients.  The MCS practice is focused on providing end-to-end solution to strategic clients in the identified industry and business segments. The range of services provided are organised under three heads.

  • Strategic Management including Resource Planning
  • Process/Improvement with Technology Solution
  • Counseling in Marketing, Export-Import and other Forex related matters. Collectively, these allow us to take an idea from inception to reality.


  • High Level expertise
  • Depth of experience in a wide range of industries
  • Adherence to time frame
  • High quality support and training during execution
  • Highly qualified and experienced chemists and technician

Environmental Engineering Services

  • Environment Impact Assessment & management plan
  • Risk Assessment & Consequence analysis
  • Environmental Audit/Statement
  • Ventilation Audit
  • Baseline Surveys and monitoring of air, water, soil & Noise
  • Ecological Study
  • Energy Auditing
  • Socio-economic study
  • Emergency Plan
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Analysis of metal, mineral, ores, fertilizers, coal tea etc
  • Drinking water quality assessment
  • Design and commissioning of effluent treatment plant
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Sewerage treatment plant
  • Material testing

Core Knowledge Resources

Name Functional Area
Sri N. Sadhukhan Technical Appraisal
Mr. Siddhartha De Financial Appraisal
Mr. S K Biswas Technical Appraisal
CA Kunal Vasu Mallik Audit & Risk Management & Financial Appraisal
Mr. Abhi Chakraborti Technical Appraisal, In-charge of Bengaluru Office
Mr. K. Sengupta Financial Appraisal & Corporate Strategy
Mr. Kirti Ranjan Chakrabarti Financial Appraisal
Mr. P. K. Sarkar Technical Appraisal
Mr. Sanat Mukherjee Valuation
Mr. Md. Ezaz Khan Financial Appraisal
Mr. Ajit Jain Investigative Audit
Mr. Manmohan Jhawar Audit
Besides, Inkwest and its associates has human resources with
  1. High Level expertise
  2. Depth of experience in a wide range of industries
  3. towards the adherence to time frame with required service